Terms and conditions

1. Scope of application

1.1. The following terms and conditions apply for all orders booked on webpage/webplatform
At all times and under all circumstances the “Contracting Party” is identified as the person or legal entity placing an online transport order by (1) accepting the terms and conditions and (2) executing the action “order transport with acceptance of costs“ on Vector Logistics AG, Dürrenhübelstrasse 6, 4133 Pratteln, Switzerland remains the legal entity which designed and produced the homepage and is responsible for all transport orders placed by the contracting party.
1.2. Vector Logistics AG, is responsible for the conception, operation, contents and features, e.g., freight calculations, offered on and retains all rights and duties associated with all on-line services offered via the website. Vector Logistics AG is the legal representative of and as such owns the domain, concept and price matrix.

By accepting the terms and conditions on the Contracting Party agrees to respect and accept the intellectual property of Vector Logistics AG and all contents and outputs are to be used exclusively to calculate the transport costs for shipments made through

1.3. These terms and condition apply to supplement and in overriding importance the general terms and conditions SPEDLOGSWISS „Allgemeinen Bedingungen des Schweizerischen Verbands der Speditions- und Logistikunternehmen (SPEDLOGSWISS)“. The limitation of liability of (represented by Vector Logistics AG) are not in accordance with the general terms and conditions Spedlogswiss.
1.4. Alternative conditions differing from those of may be requested however acceptance is limited to written confirmation from Vector Logistics AG. In the case that any conditions are modified, those conditions not specifically modified in an amendment from Vector Logistics AG remain consistent with those presented here.

2. Client responsibility

2.1. By (1) accepting the terms and conditions and (2) executing the action “order transport with acceptance of costs“ on the Contracting Party enters into a legal contract with and assigns an order to Vector Logistics AG.
2.2. The client is required to enter correct and truthful information regarding the transport, contents, weight, dimensions, services etc.
2.3. The client is responsible that the goods are properly packaged for shipping, crossdocking and warehousing.
2.4. If dangerous goods are being shipped the material has to be marked and packed in accordance the terms and regulations ADR/SDR and accompanied with the correct paperwork. The Contracting Party is fully responsible to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
2.5. Cancellation of orders and transports are effective immediately however all cancellation notices must be received prior to 15:00 CET on the day before collection. Cancellations received later than 15:00 CET on the day before collection will be subject to additional fees, i.e. at least 70% of transport costs.

3. Services offered offers the following services:
• transport of general cargo
• transport logistics
• warehousing
• express transports
Transport services are provided in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. works in cooperation with selected partners and is free to outsource all or parts of the transport to selected contractors.

3.1. Cargo transport

In the absence of special circumstances, Vector Logistics AG agrees to provide administrative support, transportation and delivery of the consignment to the recipient designated by the Contracting Party in a door-to-door fashion. Pick-up or delivery within a building can be arranged however such activity is subject to a written amendment to these terms and conditions by Vector Logisitics AG and additional fees.
3.1.1. The client can chose either BUDGET, STANDARD, or EXPRESS cargo transport.
3.1.2. EXPRESS
EXPRESS service refers to transport which is outside standard scheduled departures. EXPRESS ensures the fastest possible acquisition and delivery of the consignment. Estimated delivery timelines and costs will be provided on an individual basis via
STANDARD service refers to transport service with daily scheduled departures throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The consignment will be delivered 1-2 working days following the receipt of the on-line order.
3.1.4. BUDGET
BUDGET services refers to transport service with daily scheduled departures throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The consignment will be delivered within 2-3 working days of receipt of the on-line order however Vector Logistics AG is free to deliver at any point within 48 hours of the receipt of an on-line order.

Transport and storage items

4.1. . will transport any number of shipments of any size, provided that they can be loaded into covered lorries. Orders involving oversized or numerous shipments should be discussed with a representative of Vector Logisitics AG prior to placing an on-line order.
4.2. Vector Logisitics AG will neither transport nor store the following goods: securities, precious metals, coins or banknotes, watches, jewelery, precious stones, works of art and collectors' items with sentimental value, vive animals, insufficiently packaged or inadequately labelled goods, Class 1 and 7 Dangerous Goods for storage. The transport of hazardous goods can be handled upon on request and with the written acceptance of Vector Logistic’s amended terms & conditions.

5. Load calculation

5.1. Load calculation
Freight prices are calculated on-line via the matrix hosted on and thereafter in the agreement between the Contracting Party and Vector Logistics AG. The Contracting Party is responsible to choose between BUDGET, STANDARD and EXPRESS freight rates.
5.2. Weight
Either the actual weight or the volume weight will serve as the basis from which to calculate the freight costs, whichever is the greater. Volume weight is calculated by first multiplying the length, width and height in cubic meter (m3); if there is a consignment of multiple packages under the same on-line order the volume of all individual packages will be summed. Then 333 kg are added to each cubic meter of volume in the case of stackable goods. 500 kg per square meter will be charged for non-stackable goods. Non-stackable goods will be charged at 500 kg per square meter (m2) or standard pallet (1.20 x 0.80 m). For odd sized goods which do not comply with a square meter calculation, 1500 kg will be charged for each meter of loading capacity used.
5.3. Weight confirmation
The quoted freight price is calculated based on the weight and volume values entered by the Contracting Party on the form posted to Upon receipt of the consignment Vector Logisitics AG will confirm the declared weight and volume of the cargo and reserves the right to correct missing, incorrect or inaccurate information.

6. Loading equipment & containers

6.1. General
In general transport from the Contracting Party to the designated consignee will be made of intact, transportable packages which permit efficient transport and handling, e.g., EURO / EPAL pallet with SBB-standard or equivalent load support.
6.2. Return transportation charges
Vector Logisitics AG will not return nor replace packaging materials used to transport the consignment, e.g., pallets, frames, lids, mesh boxes, etc. In such cases the Contracting Party must inform Vector Logisitics AG and establish a separate shipping order for the return journey.

7. Additional Services

The customer can choose a suitable type of cargo transport from several different options.
7.1. COD (Cash Upon Delivery)
Calculation of transport fees via:
7.2. Futures delivery
Calculation of transport fees via:
7.3. Notification
Calculation of transport fees via:
7.4. Dangerous goods
Calculation of transport fees via:
7.5. Additional support staff
Additional support staff to onload/unload cargo at the point of pickup and/or delivery can be organized by Vector Logistics AG. The cost is 90 CHF per hour, or part thereof, per person and must be prepaid.
7.6. Additional delivery fees for multiple pick-ups/drop-offs
Partial onloading/offloading will be charged at a rate of 120 CHF/hour.
7.7. Insurance
Calculation of insurance fees via:
7.8. Invoices are normally sent with Email. If required specially the invoice will be sent by Swisspost. Calculation available on

8. Additional

Certain conditions or unforeseen extra services may be subject to additional surcharges:
8.1. Goods in excess of 3 meters in length will be charged a surcharge of 25% on the net load, or a maximum of 50 CHF/shipment.
8.2. Second extra bed or missed deliveries. Vector Logistics AG provides the Contracting Party additional delivery attempts and additional bill collection attempts. Provided that Vector Logistics AG is not at fault, every failed delivery attempt will be charged at the full shipping cost of the undelivered shipment.
8.3. Loading/unloading times
Exceeding the loading/unloading times will result in a surcharge of 125 CHF/hour or part thereof. Estimated loading times are calculated at a maximum of 5 minutes/1000 kg freight weight and 2 hours maximum for an entire container. The shipping price contains the fees for standard estimated loading/unloading times.
8.4. Dangerous goods
The transport of dangerous goods (SDR / ADR) is subject to a transport specific surcharge and must be pre-arranged with Vector Logistics AG.
8.5. Disposal fees
The disposal of packaging or dunnage will be charged at a rate of 55-95 CHF/cubic meter. The disposal fee does not necessarily include transport to the disposal site and must be pre-arranged with Vector Logistics AG.
8.6. Supportive staff
Upon request Vector Logistics AG will provide additional supportive staff at a rate of 90 CHF/hour where time over an hour will be rounded up to the nearest half hour and each additional half hour will be charged as a full hour.

9. Liability of Vector Logistics AG

9.1. Vector Logistics AG is charged with the careful execution of each order placed on
9.2. Vector Logistics AG is exempt from all liability when damage is caused by circumstances which neither Vector Logistics AG nor its subcontractors could prevent (force majeure).
9.3. Vector Logistics AG shall be liable for the actions of selected subcontractors and as such will carefully select and instruct any subcontractors to ensure a damage-free delivery of the consignment. In the unlikely case of a damage caused by a subcontractor will keep their subccontractors reliable.
9.4. The liability of Vector Logistics AG is limited. In case of loss or damage to goods, the extent of liability and therefore reimbursement is limited to 100 CHF/kg (gross weight of the concerned consignment or part thereof). In the case of delayed delivery, damages at the maximum are limited to the freight charges. The total maximal amount to be claimed claim is CHF 2000.00
9.5. Vector Logistics AG bears the responsibility for the entire transport route.
9.6. The liability of Vector Logistics AG ends at the time at which the transported goods have been received by the consignee or his agent, subject to the relevant period for complaints and hidden defects.
9.7. Insurance.
Vector Logistics AG holds is covered by an umbrella carrier liability insurance. Transport insurance to cover shipping damage to the goods is the responsibility of the customer. Vector Logistics AG strongly recommends customers to arrange for a separate form of transport insurance.
9.8. Damage settlements are exclusive of freight charges.
9.9. Vector Logistics AG assumes no liability in connection with goods which are excluded from transport or storage of such goods. These goods are: securities, precious metals, coins or banknotes, watches, jewelry, precious stones, works of art and collectors' items with sentimental value, vive animals, insufficiently packaged or inadequately labelled goods, Class 1 and 7 Dangerous Goods for storage. Additionally Vector Logisitcs AG assumes no liability for the transport of Dangerous Goods asgeneral cargo transport.

10. Delayed delivery

By accepting a delivery without any reservations in writing all claims against / Vector Logistics AG expire with immediate effect. All reservations / claims are to be placed in writing with exact indications about importance, amount and interest of the damage. Visible damages have to be claimed instantly upon arrival of the goods. Not visible damaged have do be claimed within 3 working days (inclusive of the delivery date). Claims received later than mentioned above will not be acknowledged.

11. Required controlling when receiving a delivery

Durch vorbehaltlose Annahme des Gutes durch den Empfänger oder dessen Vertreter oder amtliche Stellen erlöschen alle Ansprüche gegen die
Vorbehalte sind schriftlich und unter genauer Angaben der Art und des Umfanges des Schadens geltend zu machen, und zwar bei äusserlich erkennbaren Schäden zugleich mit der Annahme der Güter und bei äusserlich nicht erkennbaren Schäden sofort nach deren Entdeckung, spätestens jedoch binnen 3 Tagen seit der Ablieferung. Ablieferungstag mitgerechnet, doch nicht Sonn- oder Feiertage. Allgemeine sowie verspätete Vorbehalte werden nicht anerkannt. Bei der Geltendmachung von Vorbehalten erst nach der Annahme der Güter hat der Empfänger zudem nachzuweisen, dass der Mangel in der Zeit zwischen der Übernahme der Güter zum Transport und der Ablieferung entstanden ist. Die Weigerung der Zahlung der Frachtkosten gilt nicht als Vorbehalt und ist ohne Wirkung auf das Erlöschen der Ersatzansprüche.

12. Limitation of claim

Legal Basis for Limitations of claims is the Swiss Code of obligations (Art 452 + 454)

13. Invoicing

13.1. represented by Vector Logistics will issue an invoice cumulative of all transport and logistics services. The Swiss VAT (MwST) will be calculated seperatlely. If required monthly invoices can be arranged on a client by client basis.
13.2. VAT (Mwst) will be listed separately.
13.3. Additional services will be listed separately.

14. Conditions of payment

14.1. Outstanding bills are payable within 14 days without discount. The invoice will be sent immediately after execution of the transport. The payment period starts on the date of invoice. reserves the right to request advance payment or payment upon delivery.
In case of late payments Logistics charge as follows:
1st Reminder via Email after 14 days, no fees 2nd Reminder via Swisspost (after 30 days) Fee CHF 10.00
3rd Reminder with registred mail (after 40 days) Fee CHF 20.00

15. Retention

In case of outstanding payments longer than 40 days Logistics AG is allowed to hold shipments and/or stock as security against payment.

16. Offers / quotations

Offers and prices calculated on www.inlandtransport remain valid for 7 days.

17. Place of jurisdiction

Place of juristicion is the same as the registered office of Vector Logistics AG: 4133 Pratteln, Switzerland